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China Made SANY Concrete Machinery Line Pump SY5133THB-9018C-6S


Theo. delivery pressure: 9/18MPa
Theo.concrete output: 100/55m³/h
Engine Power: 180kW/2200rpm


01 Durability & Reliability
NAS 1638 Class 7 Hydraulic Oil Means Clean Oil

Strictly controlling cleanliness during production, SANY achieves NAS 1638 class 7 hydraulic oil cleanliness before our machines are shipped. The filtration and maintenance intervals of our products designed to maintain this level of cleanliness during operation. Cleaning the hydraulic oil from NAS class ility and durability.
Built-in style oil pump is installed near switch to ensure of stable signal
Excellent anti-interference performance improves stability of system.
Intelligent control system with excellent trouble free performance
The control system consists of a SANY developed SYMC controller and that uses CAN bus communication technology. A completely enclosed wiring harness and user friendly operator display ensure trouble free performance.
02 Wear Parts With Long Service Life
Wear plate, cutting ring

SANY's patented dual ring split type alloy structure prevents the alloy coating from crumbling and separating. Our long service life wear plates can withstand 50,000 to 60,000 cubic meters concrete. The cutting ring can be used for 20,000 to 30,000 cubic meters concrete before being replaced.
Adopting German rubber piston technology has provided excellent abrasion performance and resistance to heavy stress and high temperatures. Our pistons can pump 25,000 to 30,000 cubic meters concrete before replacement.
Integrating precision machining and electroplating technology from Germany enables the cylinder to pump 100,000 to 140,000 cubic meters of concrete before being replaced.
03 Low Maintenance Cost
High viscosity index, wide temperature range anti-wear hydraulic oil is chosen for its outstanding stability and suitability to different regions and temperature ranges. The change interval of this oil is double that of standard hydraulic oil.
Exceptionally performing wear parts
Integrating leading edge technology from Germany and China has significantly extended the life cycle of our wear parts. Our world class assembly line achieves a 99.9% pass rate for these parts.
Concrete pump cylinder with large diameter
Concrete pump cylinder diameter extends to 230mm, reducing abrasion of concrete piston and prolonging its life cycle.
04 Energy Conservation And Low Fuel Consumption
Self regulating power technology

Engine Speed and power regulated based on the load on the main pump, leading to a fuel savings of up to 20%
SN reversing technology
SN reversing technology provides a short reversing cycle time. This improves pumping efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.
05 Efficiency and Convenience
Brand new hopper

Optimized inner chamber of hopper ,enhancing absorbing capacity for different types of concretes.
Fast pumping speed
Short reversing time, pumping speed is 15% faster than competitors
Piston auto return technology
Concrete piston is able to return to the water tank automatically when maintenance required.
High and low pressure auto switching technology
The switch between high and low pressure pumping can be realized via one-key operation, easy to operate and without leaking or contamination.
06 Intelligent Control System
Intelligent fault diagnostic system

The intelligent control system monitors the machine for over 200 faults in real time. Faults are displayed on the monitor. Review of the faults can reduce troubleshooting time by 70%.
Smart control panel
The smart control panel is user friendly, displaying sensor signals in an easy to understand format.
Exclusive motion controller for pumping

Entirely different from conventional motion controllers, the SANY controller integrates the pumping algorithm with an onboard database. The result is faster operation and superior performance

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