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Hydraulic Crawler Large Excavator SY365H


Operating Weight: 36000 kg
Rate Power: 212/2000 kW/rpm
Bucket Capacity: 1.6-2.3 m³
Conditions: Infrastructure construction, such as airport, water conservancy and port; digging rock or hard soil layer, and stratifying the soil


High Efficiency & Low Consumption
Isuzu Engine Customized for SANY

With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can fully develop its power. The perfect combination of this two realizes the heavy-duty mode with large workload, the standard-mode with auto-adjusted engine speed and light-duty mode, high efficiency and low fuel consumption, while optimizing the combustion.
Faster Digging Speed and Lower Energy Loss
A quick circuit is added to the arm oil cylinder circuit. The hydraulic oil in arm cylinder rod end does not return the tank but goes directly to the cylinder head end. The arm speed is increased as a result. The fuel consumption is lower under this condition.
Auto Deceleration System
Auto deceleration or acceleration of SY365H excavator reduces fuel consumption by 5-10%. When an operation stops for 3 seconds, the engine speed drops automatically to idle level and maintains the idling state. When the operation is resumed, the engine speed will increase to the set rmp within 0.1 second.
Comfortable & Safe Cab
Innovative Large Cab

The height of seat, the inclination of backrest, the height of armrest, the seat position and headrest can be adjusted as desired.
Automatic Air Conditioner
The standard large capacity air conditioner keeps in-cab air fresh by purifying fresh air and recirculation air. The quick temperature control ensures a comfortable temperature in cab all the year round.
Silicone Rubber Shock Absorber
It is fixed to the swing platform in six points, which has minimized the shock brought by rough road and engine or hydraulic impact, considerably increasing the stability of cab and improving the comfort of operator.
Economic & Reliable Design
Falling Object Protection Structure

The cab is punch-formed with thick high-strength steel sheet. The door and windows are made of toughened glass. In addition to the seat belt equipped, the cabin maximizes the safety of operator.
Larger View
Narrowed blind zone of vision by means of improved cab design, column size is reduced without decreasing the structural strength of the cab. The front and side window enable the operator to see clearly the working conditions and surroundings; the rear window and the engine hood of properly designed height provide a good rear view.
High Standards Safety Design
Safety design meets European, US and Japanese safety standard, and has reached world-class security and reliability standards.

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