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6X4 336HP Dump Heavy-duty Truck Tipper NXG3250D3KCL


Kerb mass: 12400kg

Rated mass: 12400kg

Gross mass: 24995kg


XCMG’s K-series dump truck has been developed for construction works such as mines, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, etc. under severe operating conditions involving mining area earth roads, soft foundation roads, macadam roads, large slope roads, etc. and is a dump truck product characterized by high reliability, strong solidness and strong starting and climbing ability. The durability, reliability and safety of the product reach the domestic first-class level and it is known as “mining engineering expert”.

The product reasonably matches with high-powered engines of first-line brands such as Weichai etc., which have low RPM and large torque and can provide sufficient power, large load capacity and high speed.

Using the finite element analysis method and simulating static loads and dynamic loads under various complex operating conditions, the stress concentration parts of the product have been optimally designed, so that the reliability of the structure of the whole vehicle is higher than that of like products in the industry and it has longer service life than like products.

The tyres of the product use special engineering tyres which have stronger catching performance.

The whole vehicle is designed with large approach angle, large departure angle and anti-collision structure and has strong adaptability to complex land conditions.

The cab has a wide and broad field of vision and thus driving security has been improved greatly.



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