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China Commercial Vehicle Heavy-duty Freight truck Box stake truck 8×4


Maximum speed: 110km/h

Kerb mass: 13350kg

Rated mass: 17515kg


The car interiors and structure of the XCMG’s T-series cargo truck optimize the driving environment and thus cause the driver to enjoy comfortable and exhilarating driving performance. The whole interiors reflect the charm of man-machine engineering from visual field, manipulation to rest and even to storage.

XCMG’s T-series cargo truck has been designed and developed on the basis of the principle “standardization, serialization and modularization” and market features. The series product is reliable, durable, economical and practical and always enjoys a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. With its features such as comfortability, high reliability, high economical efficiency and environmental protection, the product is favored by the majority of users.

XCMG’s T-series cargo truck is used mainly in medium- and short-distance logistics transportation, with the transportation distance of 50km-500km in general. The product can be widely used to transport the following goods:

1. Daily industrial products: plastics, chemical fibers, textile products, bags and suitcases, clothes, cigarettes, drinks and beverages, household appliances, hardware and general merchandise, express logistics, etc.

2. Agricultural and sideline product: cold chain products, fresh products, fruits, vegetables, fertilizers, food, etc.

3. Transportation of building materials: reinforcing bars, security doors and windows, tiles, fine sands, putty powder, etc.




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