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High Quality Heavy-duty Truck Tipper NXG3311D4KE


Kerb mass: 14865kg

Rated mass: 16000kg

Gross mass: 30995kg


XCMG’s T-series dump trucks are heavy-duty type, composite type and urban construction muck type multi-configuration series products which have been developed mainly to meet the needs of driving on construction sites and urban highways with different load materials such as sands, stones, mineral fines, irons, construction wastes, earthwork transportation, etc. Such products are characterized by strong power and high-efficiency transportation. Through thousands of industrial tests and verifications and 3 years of practice and improvement, the power system, steering system and braking system have been comprehensively optimized and improved and thus the products are more adaptable to various heavy loads and severe complex operating conditions. The products have remarkable advantages such as large load bearing capacity, high reliability, high safety, high economical efficiency, etc. 

Strong power, fast starting and fast acceleration.

Large climbing ability, stronger power; good braking effect, higher safety.

Compact body structure, optional different wheel bases according to regional transportation environment.

Adoption of multiple-leaf spring suspension systems before and after the chassis to provide sufficiently large load-bearing capacity.

Widened frame, increased wheel tread, reduced center of gravity, good anti-capsizing performance.

Selection of multiple configurations according to different application conditions, more economical.



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