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Coal Cutter XTR260


Total weight: 75000kg

Travel speed: 9/15m/min


The large span cutting boom makes cutting height reach 7.1 meters, and the machine is acceptable for railway, highway tunnel which have large cross section.

The cutting head has small diameter and picks on it adopt single helix arrangement,all these optimizate the arrangement of picks and cutting angle. It makes the machine has better cutting effect and stronger rock breaking capacity.

The automatic cable drum and multi degree of freedom overcast cooperate to pick and lay cables automatically when the roadheader is walking. Instead of manual operation,the automatic cable drum can protect cables, ensure excavation and supporting synchronous and improve construction efficiency.

The machine uses much intelligent control technologies,such as remote control, leakage detection,failure warning, security protection etc.The use of international famous hydraulic, electrical components and humanized design make it safe and reliable to operate.

Travel mechanism with drive roller and guide roller adopts wide crawler shoes, which reduces the floor pressure and makes the machine adapt to different foundation.

Detachable turret mechanism makes the machine convenient for disassembly and maintenance.



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