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Low Cost High Quality 800m Depth Deep Well Drilling Rig XSC1000


Rated power: 447kW        

Peak torque: 28000N•m        

Speed of rotation: 0~180r/min


1. Equipped with XCMG 5 bridge and road-adaptive intelligent all-terrain off-road chassis, the drilling rig also meets the national IV emission standards. Flexible steering, good passing capacity, max grade ability ≥ 42%, adapting to a variety of adverse road conditions.

2. Full hydraulic top drive power head, steeples speed variation can be achieved for torque and rotate speed. And it is equipped with floating shaft for the effective protection on threads of drill tools. Power head central axis drift diameter is 105mm to meet a variety of construction process requirements.

3 Telescoping mast can not only ensure the smaller transportation size but also provide a larger power head stroke, 15240mm power head clearance stroke to meet long-sleeve working conditions.

4 .Imported Cummins engine with strong power is adopted for power system enough power reserves to meet the plateau construction, and the noise and emissions meet Euro Ⅲ standard.

5. Hydraulic system adopts internationally famous brand Germany Rexroth and consists of a total of seven pumps that are all load sensitive pumps, pumps and valves are controlled in load sensitive control. According to the load needs, the system can provide suitable flow and pressure for the actuator with efficient and energy saving performance.

6. It is designed with compression and decompression systems of dual hydraulic cylinders-steel wire rope of time-speed feeding mode, and its maximum hoist capacity is 1000kN, and it can be imposed pressure in the early stage of open drilling, with the maximum compression of 200kN.

7. All actions are centrally operated to reduce labor costs, and humanization operating room is designed to greatly improve the operating environment.

8. Equipped with automatic rod switching device to improve construction efficiency while reducing the labor intensity. 

9. Suitable for multi-process drilling, standard configuration of drill rig includes foam pump, air compressor is adapted for user to conduct air drilling or mud pump can be adapted for mud drilling.



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