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SANY Coal Mining Equipment Thin Seam Coal Mining Machine


Mining height range (mm): 0.8 ~ 2.4
Inclination angle of working face : ≤55°
Yearly output(10,000 tons): 30 ~ 150


730 series Thin Seam Coal Mining Machine
730C series thin seam coal mining machine is presently a domestic thin seam long-boom mining machine of advanced performances, featuring low machine face height, short body length, and powerful cutting capacity. It’s applicable for the mining needs of 0.8 ~ 2.2m coal seams and can be installed with 764/630 scraper conveyor to meet the mining height and capacity needs.
With short body length, this machine features good adaptability and trafficability. It’s the world’s shortened thin seam coal mining machine, featuring excellent adaptability.
Product Advantages and Features:
Powerful cutting capacity and good trafficability

1. With maximum single boom power at 330kW,this machine features powerful cutting capacity.
2. With shortest body length (>7m overall length),this machine can adapt to the fluctuation of coal seams to the maximum degree.
Low machine face height and large coal flow-through space
1. The suspended body layout of machine achieves lower machine face height.
2. The large coal flow-through space is superior to that of like machines.
High productivity and good coal loading performance
1. High traction speed and high productivity
2. C-shaped boom works with corresponding coal blade to achieve excellent coal loading performance.
Stable cutting and reliable traveling
1. Short boom length and low vibration
2. Short torque shaft for easy maintenances
3. The lives of traveling wheels are no less than 6 months.
Load-sensing system
The load-sensing multi-way valve is applied to achieve high working efficiency and low heating value.
High-reliability electric system
1. The electronic control system of >5g seismic grade can adapt to the severe underground working conditions.
2. The modular design features simple structure and easy maintenances.
3. The 5.7" color display screen clearly shows all machine parameters.
730C Series Thin Seam Coal Mining Machine Lineup

730C Series Thin Seam Coal Mining Machine Lineup

Equipment model

Mining height range


Machine face height


Yearly output

(10,000 tons)

MG160/385-WD0.8 ~ 1.352530 ~ 50
MG210/485-WD1.0 ~ 1.868350 ~ 80
MG210/490-WD1.2 ~ 2.472560 ~ 100
MG260/590-WD1.2 ~ 2.472580 ~ 120
MG330/730-WD1.2 ~ 2.4725100 ~ 150


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