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One hundred units of intelligent manufacturing mixer are exported to Vietnam, and Zoomlion products continue to sell well overseas

Time : 2022-04-20 Hits : 96

Recently, hundreds of mixers wearing red flowers from Zoomlion yuanjiang Mixers intelligent manufacturing industrial Park orderly drive out. In the noisy congratulation, these smart new products set foot on the road to Vietnam, will help local construction.

Zoomlion related staff said: "This export is a large order with a total amount of more than 50 million yuan, including our four national five best-selling models. These mixers are from our mixer intelligent manufacturing park, in the main power and vehicle details in the use of the most advanced technology and components, with wide adaptability to road conditions, fuel saving and consumption reduction, easy operation, safe use and other features." As one of the outstanding products of Zoomlion intelligent manufacturing, the mixer truck has been favored by customers with a number of technical advantages since its launch, and is well received by the Vietnamese concrete machinery market. In August last year, zoomlion 10 and 12 mixer trucks customized for the Vietnamese market won a number of large local orders in a row.

Zoomlion will continue to closely follow the "Belt and Road" initiative, further explore overseas markets, further promote the localization strategy, continue to improve the service network and service team construction, with high-quality products and efficient services to help overseas construction, while achieving high-quality development of its own overseas markets.

Shanghai Ganges Sand Trading Co., Ltd. is the agent of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., LTD., selling various parts of this brand. With the sales of various mixing trucks of Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., LTD., the sales of parts of Shanghai Ganges Sand Trading Co., Ltd. are more brilliant.