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XCMG showed its strength in "big digging" in Uzbekistan!

Time : 2023-04-21 Hits : 78

As a pearl on the "Silk Road", Uzbekistan has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years and various industries have flourished. Almarek Mining and Metallurgical Complex is the only copper cathode producer in Uzbekistan and one of the largest mining companies in the country. XCMG's 30 high-end large-tonnage excavators "settle down" at the site of the project, which has attracted widespread attention from the mining industry and various media.

At the beginning of 2020, Almarek Mining Company announced that it will invest 3.3 billion US dollars in the next few years to continue to increase production capacity to expand resource reserves. It plans to increase the mining volume from the current 40 million tons to 100 million tons by 2023.

The large-scale increase in output means that a strong guarantee for the efficient operation of construction equipment is required. XCMG has provided a guarantee for the smooth development of construction with reliable product quality and perfect service and technical support.

The working environment and operating characteristics of mines have brought great challenges to the customized production of mining excavators. Excavators often need to work with heavy loads in harsh natural environments. In response to this situation, XCMG customized and upgraded these XE305D, XE400DK and XE490DK excavators:

➣ The hydraulic system applies load self-adaptive control technology to optimize the matching between the excavator and the working environment and improve operating efficiency;
➣ Equipped with a customized engine to improve the power performance of the bucket and stick digging force;
➣ For heavy-duty working conditions in mines, large-scale castings and partial cross-sectional structures are used for key components to improve the service life of the whole machine.

Whether it is earthwork loading, soil layer stripping or crushing operations, it has perfectly passed the harsh test of the construction environment.

XCMG not only has excellent product quality, but also provides customers with a complete service support system. After the XCMG excavator arrived at the site, the XCMG service engineer arrived at the site almost simultaneously and was stationed at the front line 24 hours a day to ensure the smooth progress of the project with timely and efficient services.

XCMG will also continue to anchor the main strategy of internationalization, and continue to shine on the stage of international cooperation with high-quality products and first-class services.