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Zhuifeng ARJ21 | Air China Southwest Branch’s first ARJ21 aircraft successfully made its maiden flight

Time : 2023-12-20 Hits : 26

At 07:48 on December 20, the first ARJ21 aircraft of Air China Southwest Branch took off from Chengdu Tianfu Airport in China, executing flight CA2733 to Shijiazhuang, and landed smoothly at Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport in China at 09:44, marking the first ARJ21 aircraft of Air China Southwest Branch. The aircraft successfully made its maiden flight.

Passengers were full of expectations and curiosity about the domestically produced passenger aircraft they were flying on. Although it was an early morning flight, the passengers enthusiastically checked in on the first flight sign-in board as a souvenir. Some lucky passengers also received special first flight souvenirs. Many passengers chose to take this inaugural flight today because of their love for domestically produced aircraft to feel the charm of the new generation of domestically produced passenger aircraft. They wish that domestically produced passenger aircraft will fly higher and better!

By 2025, the number of ARJ21 aircraft operated by Air China Southwest Branch will reach 12, mainly performing flights to and from Chengdu Tianfu and domestic destinations, providing passengers with new options for air travel.