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Friction Kelly Bar HX470 Piling Machinery Rotary Drilling Rig SR235


Max. Pile Diameter: 2.0m
Max. Pile Depth: 68/54 m
Max. Output Torque: 235kN.m


SR235C10 rotary drilling rig is your No.1 choice for civil construction.

High drilling capacity
13-15m friction Kelly, 12-15m interlocking Kelly made of high strength steel tubes are available; Maximum output torque reaches 235kN.m, the maximum pile depth is 68m down, maximum pile diameter is 2000mm.
Isuzu engine with rated power of 257kW@2000rpm, six gears control provides strong power to the machine, improving the drilling capacity.
New design of main winch delivers faster line speed of 70m/min, bigger lifting power with 235kN line pull.

Safe and reliable
The 5th generation rotary drive adopts multi-gear control, self-adaptive techniques, and double buffering system which can increase drilling efficiency and safety.
SANY-ADMS intelligent operation system, advanced hydraulic system and heavy wide chassis ensure efficient, safe and stable operation.
Advanced welding robots, CNC automatic cutting machines ensure high precision and quality of the core components.

Easy to transport&operate
Compact in transport height and weight, the drilling rig is easy to transport in cities.
The tailored chassis with larger spaces for pumps and valves is for easy maintenance during work.
Spacious cab with panorama sunroof is designed to give the operator a comfortable environment and wide visibility.

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