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SANY 25 Ton Port Heavy Forklift Truck SCP250H4


Rated Capacity: 25t
Load Center: 1200mm
Max Lifting Height: 4000mm


SANY heavy-duty forklift truck SCP250H4 not only handles large-tonnage cargo, but also supports maintenance, discharge and installation of important equipment. With hoisting capacity of 25 tons, it is highly efficient and adaptable to many operating environments. When equipped with special attachments, the 25 ton forklift truck can also handle steel, stone, concrete, wood, and more.
Safe and Reliable
Intelligent Anti-Rollover Protection

Adopt intelligent control technology to detect equipment's real-time working parameters and prevent rollover operation. It is highly intelligent, ensuring safety and worry free operation.
Cargo Fall-off Protection Technology
The technology can automatically control the position of the attachment, preventing cargo fall in emergencies such as sudden brake or making a turn.
Automatic Fire Extinguishing Technology
The pipeline network automatic fire extinguisher with strong spray can realize fire alarm, anti-flaming and fire extinction functions. The fireproof performance is steady and reliable.
Cab Automatic Lock Technology
While under maintenance, the cab will be turned on one side. With inappropriate operation, accidents would happen. Cab of SANY heavy-duty forklift truck has the double protection of mechanical and hydraulic anti-rollover protection, effectively preventing accidental rollover.
Automatic Braking Technology upon Reversing
Adopting technologies like laser scanning and graphic identification, the machine can precisely detect people or obstacles within the driving route and then brakes automatically to prevent accidents. It is highly intelligent with high safety.
Reliable Structure Design
Designed by China and Germany together, the equipment is assured to be highly reliable and endurable by adopting full-digit prototype design system, going through FEA, dynamics simulation analysis, as well as strict endurance and vibration tests.
Reliable Power System
Using world famous brand engines like VOLVO and CUMMINS which are reliable in quality and strong in power, combining the advanced power matching and control technology, the equipment is greatly optimized in dynamic performance. Scientific and appropriate protection for the engine and gearbox will significantly prolong their longevity.
High Efficiency
Attachment Quick Change Technology

The attachment can be switched quickly, so as to realize efficient work under different working conditions.
Efficient Control Technology
The centralized joystick has inching control function. It can realize fine tuning to millimeter precision easily. All the attachments' motions are under proportional control, providing an experience of man-machine unification. The machine also has multi-motion linkage design so that it can operate faster and more efficiently.
Comfortable Operation Environment
The operator-oriented design includes a broad view of working condition. The controlling devices are placed in proper position to ease fatigue of operators.
Energy Saving
Hydraulic Load Sensing System

Automatically adjust the pump displacement according to the load, realizing high precision flow control. The effect of energy saving and consumption reduction are remarkable.
Dynamic Power Matching Control System
Automatically recognize dynamic power according to load change and adjust engine speed accordingly. The output power automatically accommodate to load and work conditions, greatly reducing energy consumption.
Design for Lighter
Optimize the structure to make it lighter and stronger.

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