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SANY 13 Ton Road Machinery Roller STR130C-8S


Operating Weight: 13000kg
Excitation Force: 169/119kN; 110/80kN
Rated Power: 113kW


Sany STR130C-8S Tandem Drum Roller
Operator Comfort and Safety Features

Cab mounted on three stage vibration damping mounts
Cab climate control
Specially designed parking brake system
Reliable Oil-Sprinkler System
800L plastic lined water tanks provide water for up to 5.7 continuous hours of work
Optimized spray amount prevents asphalt from sticking to drums and limits asphalt cooling.
A back-up spray pump for greater reliability
Drum Vibration Technology
The use of water wheel type lubrication on the vibratory bearing extends the bearing life up to 5,000 hours.
Drum evenness and smoothness meets stringent highway surface work requirements.
Road surface clearance height at the edge can be up to 825mm.
Reliable and Efficient Power
Sufficient power to operate on slopes
Three stage fuel filter system
Engine cover opens wide to provide easy access formaintenance
Efficient Control System
The operating controls can swing up to 90° right or left to allow the operator a clear view when working at the road edges.
The speed and direction control joystick are integrated for greater control.
Advanced Hydraulic System
The closed loop hydraulic system has three filters for greater reliability.

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