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Components of truck crane

October 17,2022

The truck crane is mainly composed of three parts:

1. The walking part of getting off the car (called the chassis) generally adopts the standard truck chassis for small tonnage truck cranes, while large and medium tonnage truck cranes use special special vehicle chassis.

2. Slewing bearing part. It is a device installed on the walking part of the lower car and used to support the upper slewing part. It transmits various loads of the upper-car swivel part to the underframe of the lower-car traveling part through supporting wheels or rollers, so as to keep the upper-car swivel part rotating correctly and flexibly around the rotation axis, and to ensure that the upper-car swivel part has sufficient stability.

3. The swivel part on the car (also known as the slewing machine). The slewing machine table is equipped with lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism machine operating room and other devices.

The truck crane has good maneuverability and flexibility, and can be quickly transferred from one work site to another, and the preparation time required for transfer and work is very short,
The utilization rate of the crane can be fully improved. Truck cranes are widely used in construction sites, open-air freight yards, warehouses, stations, docks, workshops and other places for loading and unloading installations.
It is also used for pouring the bottom concrete of hydraulic structures in hydropower projects, and is especially suitable for scattered work points, sporadic loading and unloading and installation of goods.