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Correct operation steps and operation methods of excavators

October 13,2022

To operate an excavator, there must be correct operation steps and operation methods. The correct operation method is not only safe but also beneficial to the excavator itself. All our excavators must be operated according to the following correct procedures and methods, we have a wide range of excavators such as 5 ton hydraulic mini excavator and SANY brand 3.5Ton crawler mini excavator,etc. The correct operation method can prolong the life of the excavator.

Therefore, yibys will introduce to you the correct operation method of the excavator. I hope it will be helpful for your excavator work!

1. When excavating, first take the surface layer, and when removing the lower layer, it is not possible to excavate to the bottom at one time (especially for the excavation of deep trenches) if the trench is larger than the width of the bucket, you should dig both sides first, and then dig the middle;
2. When digging a straight trench, the excavator retreats and retreats on a straight line, and the movement of the bucket can be adjusted according to the track marks left by the retreat, mainly based on the starting point of the excavation; Excavation is to follow the curve or cooperate with the rolling action when retreating;
3 The excavated soil should be placed upside down one meter away from the ditch side in turn, and placed upside down with the ditch type;
4 Confirm that there are no obstacles around the excavator;
5. Sound the horn first after getting on the bus;
6. Confirm that there is no alarm on the instrument:
7. Turn the shut-off valve ON:
8. Operate the excavator: control the vehicle forward and backward with the foot pedal: the right handle controls the descending and raising of the big example front and rear; Control the lifting and lowering of the stick left and right.

There are three main methods of excavation

1. Riding digging type: mainly in the open area of the site, the excavator is parked in the middle of the trench to be excavated and the bucket digs between the two tracks;
2. Side-by-side type: refers to a relatively narrow area of the site, such as a water purification canal, the bucket only digs along one side of the crawler line;
3. Facing type: mainly for the excavation of highway culvert pipe trenches, which means that the excavator is parked at 90 degrees to the side of the trench (it should be noted that when the trench is relatively deep, the bucket cylinder may encounter the trench Side) excavation of well-shaped ditch: pay attention to the control of the sequence, and use the trimming skills of 90-degree corners when excavating the interface between the ditch and the ditch.
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