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Daily maintenance and maintenance of excavator hydraulic system

September 09,2022

An excavator is a special engineering vehicle that consists of a rotating platform, a large shovel and a robotic arm. We have a wide range of hydraulic excavators,for example,the china LONKING small 6t hydraulic excavator and top performance LONKING hydraulic excavator.

What I want to talk about today is the daily maintenance and maintenance of the hydraulic system of the excavator.

1. The main granular impurities in the hydraulic system come from the normal mechanical wear of the hydraulic system, and the air suction of the fuel tank will also bring in dust. hydraulic
The “disassembly pollution” of the system overhaul and the iron filing impurities that are crushed by the hydraulic pump and smaller than the filtration accuracy of the hydraulic oil filter element of less than 10 microns all exist oily.”
2. During the use of hydraulic oil for 2000 hours, the oil will also entrain a little fine air bubbles in the flow.For example, our LONKING construction equipment hydraulic excavator can be maintained in the above way .
Oxidation, the acidity produced by the oxidation of hydraulic oil, the substance will change the color of the oil, or red or black, increasing the corrosiveness to metals. Produced after rusting
The oily sludge deposits will block the hydraulic oil filter element, hydraulic oil radiator and the small gaps of each oil circuit valve on the distributor.

3. Due to the temperature difference between morning and evening and the hot air in the natural cold and hot hydraulic oil tank of mechanical work, it becomes water droplets after cooling, so the hydraulic oil cannot be used.
Avoid contact with moisture. Moisture and air, as well as acidic substances generated after oxidation, will rust and corrode the metal, affecting the normal operation of the hydraulic system.
4. In the hydraulic oil tank, the air bubbles mixed in the oil circulate with the oil, which will reduce the pressure of the system, the deterioration of the lubricating conditions will also produce abnormal noise, the hydraulic piston rod will turn black, the speed of the machine will be slow, and the action will be incoherent. Often referred to as “mechanical cerebral thrombosis”.
Commonly used hydraulic pilot filter element 51-8670 (applicable to 320D/C66/C64//323D/324D/336D/336D2 and other models)
When the sediment blocks the hydraulic oil radiator, the hydraulic oil will be high temperature, reaching above 70 degrees, and the hydraulic oil will be lost under high temperature.
Anti-wear lubrication function, if the hydraulic oil is kept at high temperature for a long time, it will increase the mechanical wear and vibration, and the air bubbles also increase the contact between the oil and the air.
The area of accelerates the oxidation of the oil, and the dry hydraulic oil radiator is on the outside of the engine water tank radiator, so the hydraulic oil radiator is at high temperature.
Under the action of air suction by the engine fan, the temperature of the antifreeze inside will also increase, so that the engine heat dissipation is abnormal and high temperature, so the speed of the vehicle is also reduced.
It will be much slower, and the hydraulic oil will also burst in the oil pipeline at high temperature, the oil seal will be broken, the piston rod will turn black, etc., causing serious economic losses to the owner.
When changing hydraulic oil, pay more attention to:
The hydraulic oil installed in the hydraulic oil tank of most excavators is exactly 1/2 of all the oil used in the hydraulic system of the whole machine. The remaining hydraulic oil is stored.
In hydraulic pumps, motors, multi-way valves, hydraulic cylinders and the pipelines of various parts. when changing the oil. If you only change the hydraulic oil in the tank, instead of
All the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system of the car is replaced. This method is just blending old oil with new oil.

Therefore, to fundamentally solve the problem of hydraulic system cleaning, it cannot be solved by simply changing the oil in the hydraulic oil tank, because even if the hydraulic pressure is exhausted
The oil in the system oil tank, but there is still a lot of old oil in the hydraulic system. When the new oil is injected, it will inevitably be polluted by the old oil remaining in the system.
Therefore, this oil change method cannot solve the problem of oil cleanliness, only in the hydraulic system
The cleanliness of hydraulic oil can be fundamentally improved by circulating the old oil in the vacuum filter system while operating the system.

Commonly used hydraulic casing discharge filter element 093-7521 (applicable to 320D/C66/C64//323D/324D/336D/336D2 and other models)

1. According to the oil standard of construction machinery, the pollution degree of general hydraulic oil should be controlled at NAS≤8 level. When filling new hydraulic oil in oil station barrels, the filtration accuracy is required to be 1 to 3 microns.
2. According to the oil pressure design standard of the hydraulic oil circuit of construction machinery, the filtration accuracy of the hydraulic oil filter element can only be limited to a minimum of ≥10 microns, and even the filtration accuracy of the filter element of some loaders will be higher. If it is less than 10 microns, it will affect the oil return flow and the working speed of the car, and even the filter element will be damaged!
In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your equipment, Zhanpeng recommends that you use original genuine filter elements and spare parts.
3. The service life of hydraulic oil is usually 4000-5000h, which is about two years.
In addition, the temperature difference between day and night is large. After the excavator that has been working for a day stops working at night, the oil inside the hydraulic oil tank is high temperature, and the outside of the oil tank is empty.
The gas is low temperature. When the hot air in the fuel tank meets the cold air outside the fuel tank, it will condense and condense on the top of the fuel tank to form water droplets and fall down.
In the hydraulic oil, over time, water will be mixed into the hydraulic oil. Then it evolves into an acidic substance that corrodes the metal surface. During mechanical operation and pipeline pressure
Under the double action of the force impact, the metal particles falling off the metal surface will be mixed in the hydraulic oil. At this time, if the hydraulic oil is not purified
Large metal particles are filtered out by the filter element, while particles smaller than 10um cannot be filtered out by the hydraulic filter element, and the unfiltered wear particles are mixed in
Sick pressure oil will add to the heavy metal surface wear again, so Zhanpeng recommends hydraulic oil filtration and purification time to be 2000-2500 hours or 1 year.
Once the oil is changed, it should also be cleaned once. Let the old oil in the system be purified and turned into new oil, and then add new oil, so that the residual old oil will not be
Contaminate new oil.
Commonly used hydraulic oil return filter element 179-9806 (applicable to 320D/C66/C64//323D/324D/336D/336D2 and other models