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Difference Between Crane and Hoist

October 17,2022

The functions of cranes and Hoist are the same, the only difference is that cranes are collectively referred to as cranes, and Hoist are also included.
The car is just one of them, and there is no other difference between the two. Crane refers to the vertical lifting and Lifting machinery with multiple functions for horizontally transporting heavy objects, also called cranes , Hoist, and aerial cranes.

 Crane is a kind of hoisting machinery. It is a kind of machine with working cycle and intermittent movement. It is its job to do intermittent movement.
Features, that is, the corresponding mechanisms of reclaiming, moving, unloading and other actions in a working cycle work alternately, and the crane is in the market.

development and use more and more widely.

Overhead cranes are the most widely used and the largest number of hoisting machinery.

The hoisting equipment for material hoisting, its bridge is laid on the elevated on both sides and runs longitudinally along the elevated track, which can make full use of the bridge
The space under the rack can be used to lift materials, and it can also ensure that it is not obstructed by ground equipment.

Cranes mainly include hoisting mechanism, running mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism and metal structure. hoisting mechanism is hoisting
The basic working mechanism of the machine is mostly composed of a hanging system and a winch. The running mechanism is used to move heavy objects vertically and horizontally or adjust the starting
The working position of the heavy machine is generally composed of a motor, a reducer, a brake and a wheel. The luffing mechanism is only equipped with boom type hoists
On the machine, there are two types of balanced luffing and unbalanced luffing. The slewing mechanism is used to rotate the boom, which is installed by the drive device and the slewing bearing.
set composition. The metal structure is the skeleton of the crane.