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Maintenance method of excavator in summer

September 13,2022

In the hot summer, how to maintain the normal operation of the excavator?

 Below is our summary of how to maintain your excavator hydraulic system and how to survive the hot summer in your cab.All of our excavators can be maintained in the following way, for example, the 36 tonne 1.8 CBM hydraulic crawler excavator and the Chinese XCMG 37 tonne large crawler excavator, to name but a few.
The action of the excavator is complex, all the mechanisms are often started, braked, reversed, the load changes greatly, the shock and vibration are frequent, and the field works.
Industry, temperature and astronomical position change greatly, coupled with the hot weather in summer, so according to the working characteristics and environmental characteristics of the excavator, the hydraulic system should do:
(1) It has high transmission efficiency to give full play to the power and fuel economy of the engine.
(2) The hydraulic system and hydraulic components have sufficient reliability under the action of large load changes and sharp vibration and impact.

(3) Coordinate the bulky and vibration-resistant cooler to reduce the total calorific value of the system, so that the hydraulic oil temperature does not exceed 80 degrees, or the temperature rises when the main engine continues to work.
Do not exceed 45 degrees.
(4) Since there is more than ten dust on the excavator site, the hydraulic oil is easily contaminated, so the sealing performance of the hydraulic system is better, and the hydraulic components are less sensitive to oil pollution. The entire hydraulic system should be equipped with an oil filter and dust-proof installation.
(5) Adopt hydraulic or electro-hydraulic servo control installation, so that the excavator can be equipped with an automatic control system, thereby improving the technical performance of the excavator

And reduce the labor intensity of the driver.

To achieve these requirements, the hydraulic system must ensure the following points:

(1) It is necessary to ensure that the excavator arm, stick and bucket can act independently, and can also cooperate with each other to complete compound actions.
(2) The action of the work installation and the rotation of the turntable can be stopped individually or combined.
(3) The left and right crawlers of the crawler excavator are driven separately, so that the excavator can walk easily, turn sensitively, and can be turned on the spot to check the sensitivity of the excavator.
(4) Ensure that all actions of the excavator are reversible and continuously variable.
(5) Ensure that the excavator works safely and reliably, and each actuator (hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor, etc.) has good overload protection; the slewing mechanism and the walking installation have reliable braking and speed limit; Landing and speeding downhill.

The weather is hot in summer. On the one hand, the driver consumes a lot of physical strength and gets tired easily. On the other hand, the whole machine is prone to defects due to the high temperature.
In order to adjust both in time, even if the oil is added to the excavator in summer, and the cooling system should be checked, although the high temperature in summer
It is unbearable for both people and excavators, and the maintenance of the excavator must be done well, so as to save the maintenance cost of excavator parts and allow the excavator to excavate.
machine to increase revenue. In summer, the air conditioner in the cab should also be repaired and adjusted, so that the driver’s state can be better adjusted.
Do the above points well, and choose more high-quality excavator accessories to achieve their best state, so that the excavator can survive the hot summer smoothly
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