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Maintenance method of excavator in winter

September 12,2022

In the cold winter, how to make the excavator use better and avoid the adverse effects caused by low temperature? The following is the maintenance method of the excavator in winter.All our excavators can be checked using methods such as the 21Ton construction equipment wheel excavator and 15 Ton 0.58cbm bucket wheel excavator,etc.

1. Necessary inspection

In the cold winter, the engine is the most in need of protection. When winter comes, the special lubricating oil for winter should be replaced in time: for dry and severe cold
Diesel vehicles in the region should be replaced with low freezing point winter oil. Adding an appropriate amount of antifreeze to the engine cooling system can also protect against the cold.
However, before using antifreeze, first remove the original engine antifreeze, and then clean the waterway, it is best to fill the manufacturer’s designated
Antifreeze to avoid waterway corrosion in the future.

2. Start preheating

In low temperature conditions, many devices will encounter difficulties in ignition when starting, or sometimes suddenly turn off during work. correct
The countermeasure is: the time for the device to start at a time is preferably controlled within 5 seconds, that is, turning the key or pressing the start switch does not last for too long.
long. If the startup fails 3 times, it should be stopped for a few minutes and then restarted, so as not to damage the battery. have a particularly cold day
If the air is exhausted, you can remove the battery and keep it indoors to keep warm, and then re-install it when you start it in the early morning. Although this is a little troublesome, it can ensure the smooth start of the device.

After starting the engine, you should drive slowly to warm up, do not step on the accelerator hard, and do not let the engine speed too high. In addition, this pre-
It doesn’t have to be hot for too long, as long as the needle of the thermometer starts to rise.

3. Window defogging

At present, many cars are equipped with a front windshield defrost air outlet at the inner bottom of the front windshield. When using, just turn on the air conditioner and adjust the gear
Turn it to the defrost block and open the outer circulation at the same time.
For window glass defogging, you can turn on the rear windshield resistance wire defogging on the device. Most machines only need to find this on the center control panel.
button and press it. In addition, a special anti-fogging agent can be purchased in the construction machinery supplies market, so as to keep the glass surface
Clean the surface and achieve the effect of preventing fogging.For example, our foreign engine 6 ton mini wheel excavator have to pay attention to window defogging.

4. Cope with icing

When it snows and freezes, before and after the wiper is turned on and off, care should be taken to wipe off the residual snow, ice and water on the wiper, and at the same time wipe the windshield to prevent
The wiper blade and the windshield are frozen together. If necessary, park the wiper blade at night to ensure that it will not be frozen. someone put a newspaper or
The plastic film is covered on the windshield to prevent the windshield from freezing. If this method encounters extremely low temperature, it is likely to freeze the newspaper and plastic film on the glass.
So it’s not advisable.

If the sunroof freezes for one day, do not open the window forcibly, as this will easily damage the motor and the rubber sealing ring. Wait until the cab temperature rises
Lift the sunroof glass and sealant frame to thaw before opening.
V. Parking
When conditions permit, it is best to park the machinery indoors. If you can only park outdoors, you should also choose sunny, sheltered, flat, dry
Park in a dry place. When parking, the front of the car is best to face the wind direction, which can reduce the harm of wind and snow to the equipment water tank and engine. Also winter wind
To avoid injury from falling objects, it is best to park the device in an open space. When parking on a slope, the front of the car is best to face uphill, so that the
The condensed water from the exhaust-free system is recharged into the exhaust system, causing unnecessary trouble. When there is ice and snow, it is not advisable to park on the slope to avoid starting difficult step.