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Precautions for maintenance of small truck cranes

October 17,2022

1.The car crane should keep the body clean, and wash off the dust and stains on the body after each safe operation. The surface of the body should be coated with lubricating oil to avoid rust.
2. Lubricating oil needs to be filled once after 60 hours of work between the boom of the truck crane and the movable pulley.
Slip point for lubrication.
3. Ensure the lubrication and cleanliness of the wire rope for automobile hoisting and increase the service life.
4. The car crane cannot be parked in the open place for a long time to avoid rusting after entering the water.
5. The filter screen of the filter in the fuel tank of the car should be cleaned in time, and it is recommended to clean it once a month.
6. The paper filter element of the car hoisting oil filter paper should be replaced when the pressure exceeds 0.35MPa. When dismantling, remove the top cover of the oil filter on the fuel tank surface, pull out the filter element and replace it again.
7. The hydraulic oil of automotive products should be replaced in time after it has been used for a period of time and has deteriorated. The new oil used for the first time should be replaced with new oil after 20 hours of operation.
The oil tank is cleaned, and the hydraulic oil in each system is discharged. Generally, the oil is changed once every 1000 hours of work. After refueling, the fuel tank cap should be tightened. Only keep hydraulic oil
Cleaning can ensure the service life of hydraulic components and ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system of the truck crane. Do not mix water and diesel oil into hydraulic oil. Crane hydraulic oil is mixed with water and diesel oil.
Diesel fuel will agglomerate and produce a lot of air bubbles, which will directly affect the normal use of the crane.
8. When the oil temperature of the small car reaches 80 ℃, it should be stopped immediately to rest, and it should be used after cooling down.
9. When the small car crane is overhauled, before disassembling the hydraulic components or pipelines, you should first understand the principle and the structure of each component. Dismantling and inspecting hydraulic elements such as cylinders, valves, locks, etc.
When installing parts, it should be carried out in a clean and dust-free room. It is necessary to keep the parts clean and free from bumps to prevent missing and wrong installation. After assembly, they should be adjusted experimentally and then installed on the crane.

If there is a problem with the motor, it should be repaired by a professional repair shop.