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Precautions for operation and maintenance of SANY excavator before starting

September 15,2022

1. Different grades of diesel should be selected according to different ambient temperatures. When winter comes, equipment in different areas should choose the appropriate diesel according to its lowest temperature:

Do not use inferior fuel, let alone make the fuel mixed with impurities.

2. Before starting the engine every day, the drain valve at the bottom of the fuel tank should be opened to drain off the water deposited by the fuel oil and the accumulated water in the oil-water separator the night before.All of our excavators can be maintained using the following maintenance methods.For example,the mini crawler dozers 5 ton loader,etc.
3. Read the fuel level of the fuel tank from the instrument panel, or add at least: Confirm whether the working time and various data on the instrument are normal.
4. Check whether the oil level and water level of the engine and hydraulic system are within the normal range.
5. Before starting the machine, all parts that need to be lubricated must be filled with butter (add lubricating oil twice a day).
6. Check whether all fastening nuts and bolts of the whole vehicle are loose or missing, and deal with them in time.
7. Check whether the piston rod of the oil cylinder of the working device is strained, the degree of welding layer falls off, and the piston rod is out of round. If there is, it is strictly forbidden to start the machine.
8. Check the tightness of the crawler and whether the bolts of the walking parts of the crawler are loose (the hinge pin, the crawler shoe, the roller, the guide wheel).
9. Check the tension of the engine fan belt and adjust it in time.
10. Check the wear of the bucket teeth, and replace the

corresponding bucket teeth according to different working conditions.

11. It is forbidden to bake the oil pan with an open flame and use the glow plug to preheat for a long time.
12. It is forbidden to start the engine for a long time: starting for a long time will damage the battery, and the time for each start should not exceed 10S.

Wait for 15S and then start, if it fails to start three times in a row, you need to check the cause of the failure.

13. It is forbidden to start the engine at high speed or work directly. It needs to be idling for 5 minutes to warm up the car; when the engine is turned off, it is forbidden to turn off the engine at a high speed or turn off the engine with a load.
14. Before starting the machine, you must check the situation around the equipment, and sound the whistle to warn, and then start the machine after confirming the safety.
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