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Precautions for operation and maintenance of SANY excavators during work

October 13,2022

It is strictly forbidden for the excavator driver to operate the equipment when he is sick or drunk.
2. The driver must keep the cab clean and tidy, and keep the surface of the car body clean, free of dust and oil
Dirt: Get into the habit of cleaning your car after work.
3. Vehicles and pedestrians are not allowed to stay within the loading activity range of the excavator: any

People get on and off the excavator and transfer items, and it is not allowed to maintain and repair while working;

Do not arbitrarily adjust the engine (speed governor), hydraulic system, and electronic control system; pay attention to selecting and creating a reasonable working surface, and strictly prohibit digging.For example,the 75ton mining construction large excavator need to be maintained like this .
4. When the excavator is unloading, it should be carried out after the dump truck is stopped: when unloading, the bucket height should be lowered during the day without colliding with any part of the dump truck; the bucket should not be lifted from the cab of the dump truck.
Fang Yue: When the excavator is relocating, the driver should first observe and whistle, and then relocate to avoid safety accidents caused by someone beside the machine. After relocating, ensure that the space within the excavator’s rotation radius is free of any obstacles. Violations are strictly prohibited. operate.
5. It is forbidden to use the bucket to crush solid objects; if you encounter large rocks or hard objects, you should clear them first
Continue to work after removal; it is forbidden to excavate rocks above grade 5 that have been blasted.
6. It is forbidden to arrange the excavator in the upper and lower excavation sections to operate at the same time; the excavator is on the working face

When moving inside, the ground should be leveled first, and the obstacles in the passage should be cleared.

7. It is forbidden to jack up the excavator with the full extension of the bucket cylinder. When the bucket does not leave the ground, the excavator cannot run sideways or rotate.
8. It is forbidden to use the excavator arm to drag other objects laterally; hydraulic excavators cannot use the impact method to excavate.
9. When the excavator performs the rotary motion, the rotary handle cannot be operated in the opposite direction.
10. The driver should always pay attention to the operation of the excavator. If abnormal noise, odor,
If the temperature rise is too high, it should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the fault should be eliminated in time.
11. During the operation and operation of the excavator, you should always check whether the temperature of the hydraulic oil is normal.
12. When the excavator encounters wires, intersections, bridges and culverts during operation, understand the situation before passing through, and if necessary
Set up a special person to command: the distance between the excavator and the high-voltage wire shall not be less than 5m: walking backwards should be avoided as much as possible.
13. When the excavator is running, its boom should be parallel to the traveling mechanism, the turntable should be locked, and the bucket should be about 1m off the ground. When running downhill, a low gear should be used, and off-gear coasting is prohibited.
14. The excavator’s walking route should keep a sufficient distance from slopes, ditches and foundation pits to ensure safety;
When crossing the soft area, you should drive at a low speed and at a constant speed, and use wooden boards, stones, etc. to pave the way if necessary.
15. The excavator should not turn too quickly. If the curve is too large, it should be turned in stages: when the excavator turns,
The slewing clutch should be used in conjunction with the slewing mechanism brake to rotate smoothly, and sharp slewing and emergency braking are prohibited.
16.When the excavator fails during work, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. It is strictly forbidden to let the excavator work with illness and contact the manufacturer’s service personnel.

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