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Safety operation rules when excavators are working

October 13,2022

1 Before the excavator is started or the operation starts, a signal should be issued: after the engine is started, it is strictly forbidden to stand in the bucket, on the boom, on the crawler and on the machine shed.

2. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to stay in the excavator operating area. It is strictly forbidden for irrelevant personnel to enter the excavator operation room. It is forbidden for anyone to get on and off the machine and transfer objects. It is not allowed to put any objects that hinder the operation. It is not allowed to repair and maintain while working. .

3. The working position must be flat and fixed. Before working, the crawler should be braked, the tire excavator should be supported on the outrigger, the tire should be off the ground, the direction of the body should be consistent with the extension direction of the excavation face, the shovel should not be too deep during operation, and the bucket should not be too violent.For safety reasons, all our excavators must work in flat and fixed positions, for example the china 21 ton medium excavator and hydraulic crawler medium excavator.

4. When excavating earthwork with stones on the working face of high slope, larger stones and sundries should be removed. If the ten-body is dug into the air and cannot collapse naturally, it needs to be handled manually, and it is strictly forbidden to use a bucket to drop the suspended ten-square.

5. It is forbidden to hit (broken) solid objects with a bucket. It is also not allowed to use rotary machinery to break solid objects with the bucket. In case of larger stones or hard objects, it should be removed before operation: it is strictly forbidden to excavate unblasted rocks above grade 5.

6. The Yalin bucket crossed over the cab item of the ten truck. When unloading the ten-car, the shovel height should be lowered to prevent eccentric load or damage to the carriage.

7. It is forbidden to arrange the excavator to operate in the upper and lower excavation sections (surfaces) at the same time; when moving in the working surface, the ground should be leveled and obstacles in the road should be removed; if it is moving on soft ground, it must be placed under the walking device. Wood.

8. It is forbidden to fully extend the bucket rod or bucket cylinder to jack up the excavator. When the shovel is not tied to the ground, the excavator cannot be driven laterally or rotated.

9. It is forbidden to work under the elevated objects such as the Shen line, and it is not allowed to leave the fully loaded bucket in the space for a long time.

10. It is forbidden to use the excavator arm to drag the heavy objects on the side; it is forbidden to excavate by the sudden drop of the hydraulic excavator working device.

11. When the excavator is walking, it must be commanded by a special person when it encounters wires, intersections, pipelines and bridges. The distance between the excavator and the high-voltage line shall not be less than 5m: walking backwards should be avoided as much as possible.

12.When walking, the boom should be parallel to the crawler, the turntable should be stopped, the bucket should be about 1m off the ground, and the downhill should be driven at low speed, and shifting and sliding are prohibited.
All our excavators must be operated in accordance with safe operating procedures and we have a wide range of excavators, such as reliable brand new 21 ton crawler medium excavator,etc.

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