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What key operating techniques do I need to learn to learn excavators? Essential skills for a qualified excavator driver

October 13,2022

Excavator driving is a skill that requires long-term practice, learning and exploration in different working environments. It is very important to have rich experience in driving excavators. Old drivers are often more experienced, and novices are basically inexperienced.We have a wide range of excavators for excavator drivers to choose,for example,the fashion trend crawler hydraulic excavator and china famous brand LONKING hydraulic excavator ,etc.
What content do you need to learn to master the excavator operation technology, and what content is mastered to be considered a real master, mainly in the following two aspects:
1. Solid maintenance skills (theoretical knowledge). A qualified old driver must have simple troubleshooting and in-place maintenance knowledge. Quickly eliminating these simple and small faults can save time and improve efficiency. In-place maintenance can better control costs and prolong the service life of the machine, which is a must for a good excavator driver.

Common and necessary maintenance mainly include:

1. Battery charging and replacement.

2. Replace the three filters (diesel filter, machine filter, air filter)

3. Antifreeze replacement
4. Regularly apply butter to the worn parts

5. Bucket replacement
6. Track adjustment and replacement
7. Daily tightening

8. Rich knowledge of safety prevention.

Second, proficient in operation. A qualified driver must be proficient in operations in various environments, more proficient and faster, not to do back and forth during the operation, precise construction, and complete construction as required. Proficient in various operations of the excavator, the big arm, the second arm and the bucket cooperate as freely as the human arm.

Common essential skills are:

1. Draw a line and dig a hole. Dig pits of different shapes and depths as required.

2. Excavation and loading. Load sand, soil, rocks or large solids.

3. Leveling and trimming. Leveling, smoothing the surface of the land.
4, brush slope repair canal. Trim the edges to give a certain slope.

5. Demolition. Removal with extension arm.

6. Broken. Use a breaker to break rocks and break roads.
7. Rescue. Towing, lifting and other special purposes.

8.Enrich security warning knowledge.
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