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Shanghai Ganges Sand Trading Co.,Ltd is the general agency based in Shanghai of LonKing Group, XCMG, Sany Heavy Industry and Hangcha Group. We are mainly engaged in the sale of various machine parts made in China,with six years of experience in machinery sales and maintenance. Currently, we have our own maintenance and installation groups in Southeast Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa. We are committed to seeking worldwide and cultivating the agents with relevant experience and capacity. Our advantages include the advantages in logistics, brand, and price.                        

Premièrement, nous avons notre propre société de transport de fret, ce qui permet de résoudre tous les problèmes qui surviennent au cours du transport de manière pratique et efficace.


Deuxièmement, ces quatre marques sous notre commission sont les meilleures entreprises de l'industrie des équipements de machines en Chine.


Troisièmement, nous sommes l'agence générale basée en Chine, avec la promesse du prix le plus favorable.


Our concept is to make friends first before doing business, in the pursuit of winning your satisfaction whether in terms of products or services.