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By 2022, XCMG will forge ahead bravely in the ups and downs of the global market.
In the past ten years, based on the needs of users, XCMG Loading Machinery has put into action in technological innovation, started from the manufacturing end to continuously improve the intelligent production line, took the overall situation from the perspective of transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, and continued to make efforts in the aftermarket sector to continuously develop Market territory and lay a solid foundation.

Adhering to the main strategy of internationalization, the overall scale of XCMG loading machinery has successfully led the industry in China, and has ranked among the top five in the world for two consecutive years. The cumulative overseas shipments will exceed 100,000 units in early 2022. The main income will increase by 400% compared with ten years ago. The international income will account for more than 50%, and the industry's export will account for more than 35%, which will continue to push up the international influence of Chinese manufacturing. force.

Throughout the past, XCMG, which has been deeply involved in the field of loaders for nearly half a century, has always been in the forefront regardless of rapid market development or downward adjustment, and has led the industry in exports for 33 consecutive years. Always maintaining the leading acceleration is the fruitful result of XCMG's sticking to its main business and not forgetting its original intention. Especially in the past ten years, firmly grasp the ballast stone of "technical innovation", so that XCMG Loading Machinery has the ability to continuously press the fast-forward button of high-quality development in the market competition.


In the past ten years, while the XCMG loader product lineup has been continuously improved and enriched, it has also continuously refreshed the record of the largest tonnage loader in China: the 12-ton LW1200K, 14-ton LW1400KN, and finally ushered in the XCMG XC9350 in 2020, helping China rank among the world The top three are the countries with super-large-tonnage loader manufacturing technology.

Now XCMG is fully capable of mass producing products that meet the most advanced emission standards such as Euro V and China IV. With the support of independent core technologies such as APD, hydrostatic system, XCMG self-made boxes and bridges, it has formed an "advanced, reliable, energy-saving , Efficient, comfortable, convenient, beautiful, 30% more shoveling" eight product features, well-known in the industry.

Always guided by customer needs, XCMG continues to deliver "leading technology, indestructible" products and complete life cycle complete solutions to the market in order to support it. The confidence and confidence not only lie in technological innovation, but also come from the hard power of intelligent manufacturing .

In the past ten years, XCMG Loading Machinery has continuously improved its marketing and service system. Starting from the deepest network construction at the bottom, further deepen the "rooted project" to sink marketing service outlets to county and town level areas, strengthen the allocation of agent resources, and increase spare parts reserves. In 2017, after systematically thinking about the development prospects of the post-market, to help users add value, and to release the industry's first service brand "Gold Medal Service, All-in-One Service", to achieve further extension of the value chain.

The pearls flow and the wall turns, with a long history. In the past ten years of the new era, XCMG loading machinery has gone forward bravely and bravely climbed the peak, and successfully competed with world-class brands. Based on this, in the next ten years, XCMG will be on the journey of changing the global loading machinery industry structure with the needs of global customers and human beings. Guided by the development of civilization, it continues to release vigorous vitality and powerful explosive power.