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အချိန် - 2022-08-14 hits: 78

For 33 years, XCMG has maintained the No. 1 exporter of loaders in China, and its cumulative overseas shipments will exceed 100,000 units in early 2022; in the first half of this year, it once again handed over 48% of its international revenue and over 36% of its industry exports. quality answer sheet.

The release of products below 2 tons has created a new business growth point. Continuously extending and enriching product lines make XCMG more resilient in the face of market fluctuations. With the strong support of the “Belt and Road” market construction, the market territory has been expanded and further expanded, and sales have been rising all the way.


Holding high the banner of "Golden Service", 126 overseas distributors work together, more than 500 service engineers are on call 24 hours a day, and the "Global Million Mile Service Tour" has been held continuously for 4 years, covering 38 countries and regions, with an average annual rate of more than 1,000 Send love from famous users.

Products are the core of market competition and user value creation, and XCMG has launched a fierce attack on the technological high ground. The release of the XC9350 has helped XCMG become one of the only three companies in the world with the manufacturing capacity of super-large tonnage loaders above 35 tons.


Taking this as an opportunity, XCMG's loader product line has been conquering the city and gaining ground. The epoch-making products such as pure electric loaders, remote control loaders, and unmanned loaders have been released one after another, and the technological dominance is unrivaled. The growth rate of more than 70% in the global high-end market is the best feedback.