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has a slogan that says:“Pureness is enough.”It says that food raw materials must come from the best producing areas and must be carefully selected to maintain a wonderful taste. In fact, this principle also applies to the purchase of spare parts for construction machinery. Only the spare parts manufactured by the original manufacturer specifically for the various features of the equipment can make the machine run better and last for a long time. As the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China and the fifth in the world, Sany is also the world’s largest production base for a full range of construction machinery parts. It has the most advanced production management system and the most stringent quality inspection standards. Every product produced is marked with a "boutique" brand.

Shanghai Ganges Sand Trading Co.,Ltdis the general agent of Sany in Shanghai. We mainly sell Sany's original parts. It is our dream to change the world with quality, and it is our goal to make the service unsurpassed. Therefore, we provide pure accessories to escort customers and create maximum value for customers.