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2022 ခုနှစ် စက်တင်ဘာလတွင် XCMG ကမ္ဘာလုံးဆိုင်ရာဝန်ဆောင်မှုလ။ စတင်တည်ထောင်သည်!

အချိန် - 2022-09-01 hits: 69

On August 31, the "Quality Service, Win-Win Cooperation, XCMG Global Service Month 2022" was fully launched, which sounded the horn of XCMG's joint efforts with global distributors and partners to build a first-class service brand in the industry.

XCMG has always regarded the construction of the global aftermarket as the top priority of its international development. In recent years, XCMG has continuously increased resource investment, established a complete after-market network system overseas, and built a team of nearly 4,000 overseas service engineers. Data, 5G and other new-generation information technologies empower global customers and provide timely and convenient services.


Now, the global construction machinery market has entered the era of service competition, especially in overseas markets. The service level and spare parts supply ability of enterprises directly affect whether the brand can gain a foothold in the local area.

Enhancing service awareness, increasing investment in spare parts, strengthening professional training, and creating an efficient, high-quality and standardized service brand and a personalized service system with XCMG characteristics are the best choices to increase market share and enhance brand value.

In this visit, XCMG will adhere to the concept of "market-oriented, customer-centric", and provide product improvement and optimization through tailor-made services. Timely, efficient, professional and high-quality” service features enhance the global customer experience, and strive to create a golden brand of XCMG services.

During the event, XCMG plans to visit 3,000 customers, with a mileage of over one million kilometers, covering more than 50 countries around the world, providing customers with value-added services such as equipment inspection, operation guidance, and X-GSS overseas APP promotion, and providing customers with value-added services such as equipment inspection, operation guidance, and X-GSS overseas APP promotion. Response, 2-24 hours in place, 4-48 hours for completion" service standards provide a strong guarantee.

In addition, XCMG will join hands with the global "Steel Alliance" to build overseas training centers in more than 10 countries including Thailand and Indonesia, to provide support for overseas localized training, and to train thousands of overseas service engineers and 10,000 operators. At the same time, on the basis of the existing global service network system, a multi-system integrated handheld service information management system for overseas customers has been established to provide overseas customers with high-quality service experience.