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Zoomlion ၏ ဘီးတပ်ကရိန်းသည် အမျိုးသား "တစ်ဦးတည်းချန်ပီယံ" ထုတ်ကုန်ကို ရရှိခဲ့သည်။

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The single champion of the manufacturing industry is known as the "Pearl" on the crown of the manufacturing industry and the "spire" of the pyramid. It represents the highest level of development and the strongest market strength in the manufacturing sector, and is an important manifestation of core competitiveness. Zoomlion's wheeled cranes won the crown, which is a demonstration of the strength of technological innovation and a powerful footnote of its strong market influence.

Winning the national "single event champion" is supported by Zoomlion's profound technical accumulation. "Zoomlion is the earliest manufacturer in China that has comprehensive development and manufacturing capabilities for wheeled cranes and chassis", said the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion Engineering Hoisting Machinery Branch. As early as 1973, Zoomlion Then the first special-purpose chassis construction crane was developed in New China, which also established Zoomlion's leading position in the industry of wheeled cranes.


After nearly 50 years of continuous research and development and innovation, Zoomlion has successively created a series of industry firsts and world-class "big power heavy equipment": in 2003, it developed China's first 100-ton truck crane QY100; in 2004, it rolled off the production line At that time, the QY300 truck crane with the largest tonnage in the country was known as "the first crane in China". From 2011 to 2022, super large wheeled cranes such as QAY2000 and ZAT18000H753 were successively launched.

Climb the peak bravely and keep innovating. This year, Zoomlion once again broke its own record by building the ZAT24000H all-terrain crane with the largest tonnage in the world and delivering it in batches for several times.

Open up the frontier and lead the development. Zoomlion accelerated the research and development and exploration of new energy wheeled cranes, and developed the world's first pure electric vehicle crane, the world's first pure electric off-road tire crane, the world's first hybrid all-terrain crane and other benchmark products in the new energy field, champions The leading strength is fully demonstrated.

Strong research and development capabilities and excellent technical products make Zoomlion wheeled cranes popular in the market. In 2021, Zoomlion's sales of 30-ton and above wheeled cranes will rank first in the industry, and large-tonnage truck cranes will increase by more than 30% year-on-year, continuing to maintain market leadership.

Up to now, many products of Zoomlion have won the individual champion products of the manufacturing industry, including tower cranes, crawler cranes, and pump trucks as national individual champion products, and construction elevators as provincial individual champion products.

Currently, Zoomlion is accelerating its intelligent transformation and upgrading. After the Zoomlion Smart Industry City Engineering Hoisting Machinery Park is completed and put into operation, the delivery time of orders will be shortened by 32%, and one crane can be rolled off the production line every 17 minutes. Industry experts said that innovation creates individual champions, represents the growth of enterprises, and shapes the future of the industry. In the future, with the advantages of intelligent manufacturing, Zoomlion will be better at being the leader and vanguard of the industry, and will contribute more to promoting the construction of a manufacturing power to a new level.