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Ndinathera Chikondwerero cha Lantern ndi antchito a Lonking Group

Nthawi: 2018-03-02 Phokoso: 180

On March 2, 2018 (Lantern Festival), at the invitation of Lonking Group, the employees of Lonking participated in the Lantern Festival garden activities held by Lonking Group.

Lantern Festival is one of the traditional festivals of Chinese, the cultural cycle of Chinese characters and overseas Chinese.     There is a series of traditional folk activities in the Lantern Festival, such as watching beautiful lanterns, eating dumplings, guessing lantern riddles, shooting off fireworks, etc.

The event was designed to create a healthy, harmonious, happy and civilized so that every employee and family members can feel at home. It met the needs of the staff and their families for cultural life.