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"Barcha harakat bilan raqobatlashing, hajm va foyda bilan yutib oling" - Longyan shahrida Xitoyning Lonking 2020 Loader Marketing Xulosa va 2021 Bozorni Mobilizatsiya Konferentsiyasi bo'lib o'tdi.

Vaqt: 2020-12-23 Xitlar : 125

"Compete with all efforts, win-win with volume and profit"-China Lonking 2020 Loader Marketing Summary Conference and 2021 Market Mobilization Conference was held in Longyan R&F Wanda Realm Hotel. According to the agenda, the conference held in two sessions on December 17-18 and December 21-22 according to different regional market conditions. More than 300 people from Lonking Holding Company, Lonking China Sales Company, Lonking Parts Company leaders, sales backbones, and chairman and general manager of Lonking agents attended the meeting respectively.

Since the beginning of this year, despite the impact of the epidemic, Lonking’s four major products have made steady progress and achieved gratifying results. In particular, the loader segment has continued to rank first in the industry and its market leading position has been further consolidated. Facing the new round of opportunities and challenges, Lonking will focus on providing more flexible marketing policies, better products and efficient services. It is hoped that the agents will give full play to their advantages, overcome difficulties, and strive for success in accordance with the marketing policy of "returning to the truth and moving freely" and the strategy of "equal attention to market volume and strict risk control".

The high-quality products and services of the Lonking brand fully interpreted the concept of "efficiency drives the future". Through the mobilization, policy interpretation and exchange learning of this meeting, everyone was enthusiastic and full of confidence and expectations for the future.

As an agent, Ganges Sand Trading Co., Ltd participated the conference with great honor and very happy to grow together with Lonking.