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To'rtinchi marta eng yuqori sharafni uyga olib boring! Zoomlion Xitoy patenti oltin mukofotini qo'lga kiritdi

Vaqt: 2023-07-26 Xitlar : 47

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office released

The 24th China Patent Award Awards Decision

Zoomlion won5 mukofot

Including 1 China Patent Gold Award

3 China Patent Excellence Awards

And 1 China Patent Design Excellence Award

According to reports, this is the fourth time that Zoomlion has won the highest honor in China's patent field - the China Patent Gold Award.

The gold award-winning patent of "Boom Monitoring Method, System, Construction Machinery and Machine-Readable Storage Medium" integrates modern sensing, big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced means to achieve all-round innovation in real-time boom structure health monitoring , solved the painful and difficult problems of the safety assessment of the boom structure of large-scale construction machinery, broke through the key core technology bottleneck that restricts the high-end and super-large construction machinery, and laid the foundation for my country to build a world-class advanced equipment manufacturing highland with core competitiveness , providing strong support for China's construction machinery to move towards a global leading position.

At present, the patent has been widely applied to 72 products in 5 series of construction machinery, including the world's largest tower crane R20000, the world's largest 2400-ton all-terrain crane, the world's first 10,000-ton-meter-class upper-slewing tower crane W12000, and 3200-ton ultra-large Crawler cranes and a series of world-renowned heavy equipment have effectively guaranteed the construction safety of many major national projects.

In addition, Zoomlion's "construction machinery and its safety state determination method, device and system", "a crop divider, an agricultural machinery with it and a method for preventing crop loss" and "hydraulic spool control circuit and method"3 The patents won the China Patent Excellence Award; the "Aerial Work Platform" won the China Patent Design Excellence Award.

As a leading enterprise in equipment manufacturing, Zoomlion adheres to the drive of innovation. As of the end of June 2023, it has applied for nearly 15,000 patents and over 6,000 invention patents. The number of effective invention patents and the comprehensive strength of patents rank first in the construction machinery industry .

This award is an affirmation of Zoomlion's scientific research level and many scientific research achievements. Zoomlion will continue to strengthen scientific and technological research, lead technological innovation, build a world-class advanced equipment manufacturing industrial highland, and contribute more Zoomlion strength to my country's high-level technological self-reliance and economic and social development.微 xi xìn tiwi _20230726142512