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Birinchi Xitoy texnikasi yetib keldi! Zoomlion qutqaruv guruhi Turkiyada bir necha kishini qutqarib qoldi

Vaqt: 2023-02-08 Xitlar : 47

On February 6, two 7.8-magnitude earthquakes occurred in the southeast of Turkey at 4:00 a.m. local time, causing heavy casualties and property losses. After hearing the news, Zoomlion immediately organized a rescue team and excavator equipment to Hatay Province, which was seriously affected by the disaster. As one of the first Chinese rescue forces to arrive at the scene, Zoomlion's rescue team has assisted in the rescue of four trapped persons, and the intensive search and rescue work is still in progress.

According to Turkish media reports, the earthquake was the most serious earthquake in Turkey since 1999 and the largest earthquake in the world in the past year. A Turkish earthquake expert said that the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in southeastern Turkey was very destructive. The place where the earthquake occurred was at the junction of four major fault zones, and its power was equivalent to the explosion of 130 atomic bombs.

After the earthquake, according to the instructions of the company, Zoomlion’s Turkish subsidiary immediately dispatched a rescue team composed of professional service engineers and operators, carrying urgently needed electric blankets, emergency medicines, food and other materials in the disaster area, together with the first batch of 5 excavators The equipment set off overnight and rushed to the disaster area.


After 16 hours of trekking, overcoming heavy snow and road blockades, Zoomlion's rescue team and excavator equipment finally arrived at the disaster area. What came into view was devastated streets and large areas of ruins. Some local rescuers were shouting into the gaps in the ruins, hoping to get a response

In response to the lack of local rescue equipment, Zoomlion also actively contacted local caring customers. So far, a total of 18 excavators have been sent to the disaster area to assist in rescue.
In the follow-up, Zoomlion's rescue team will continue to actively participate in rescue operations under the local unified deployment, and do a good job in the service guarantee of rescue equipment to help the people in the disaster-stricken areas in Turkey to tide over the difficulties.