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XCMG brendi xalqaro qurilish mashinalari ko'rgazmasida portladi

Vaqt: 2021-11-04 Xitlar : 109

On November 3, Xug-Fair 2021 China (Xuzhou) International Construction Machinery Fair was grandly opened in Xuzhou Huaihai International Expo Center. The theme of this exhibition is "Start, synchronize with the world!" With the theme of "Start, keep pace with the world!", there were 600 exhibitors. As the exhibitor with the largest exhibition area, Xugong brought along the complete set of road wisdom solutions and attracted many visitors to stop and observe, which was very popular.




In recent years, XCMG road machinery has always practiced the gold standard of 'leading technology and indestructible use', and has given birth to such milestones as the single champion products of China's manufacturing industry, single champion demonstration enterprises, the 100,000th road roller coming off the line, the thousandth asphalt plant coming off the line, and the mining motor grader breaking the international monopoly, which continue to boost the sustainable development of China's intelligent transportation road equipment.

Shanghai Hengsha Trading Co., Ltd, as an agent of XCMG brand, is very proud to see the rapid development of XCMG! XCMG equipment quality, technical strength, and industry reputation are all good, and they are the 'merit' that help our company to get rich successfully!




We are very excited to see all kinds of XCMG high and new technology and new products of XCMG at the scene, and we believe that in the future, we will become better and better with the development of XCMG.

With the continuous expansion of national infrastructure demand and the continuous pull of "One Belt, One Road" and overseas construction demand, the construction machinery market has ushered in a new strong drive to grasp the opportunity, embrace the change and ride on the momentum to make "XCMG gold" shine around the world.