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Gấp đôi trước! XCMG một lần nữa được xếp hạng trong top 500 doanh nghiệp Trung Quốc và top 500 doanh nghiệp sản xuất Trung Quốc!

Thời gian: 2020-09-29 Lượt truy cập: 157

On September 28, 2020, the China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Association published the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" list and the "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises" list.

XCMG ranks 241st among the 2020 "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises" with 87.8 billion yuan in operating revenue. Ranked 104th in the "Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises", double No. 1 in the construction machinery industry again.

Against the world economic growth sluggish and international economic and trade frictions, many companies on the list this year have experienced varying degrees of decline in their operating revenue and rankings compared with previous year. Resisted the pressure and bucked the trend, XCMG’s overall economic operation has been stable, and continued to lead the development of the industry.

77 years of concentration, 31 years of innovation and leadership in construction machinery industry, XCMG closely follows the national development strategy, deeply cultivates the transformation and development of its main business, and continuously breaks through high-end core technologies which has steadily improved the quality and efficiency of the its development.

It’s a great honor thatGanges Sand Trading Companymade the contribution to these achievements.